Meet Your Healers



on the Yoga mat

Your Guide in Meditation

Your Yoga Teacher on the Mat - TTC200 in India

Your Medium in Aura readings

Your Energy Healer / Master in Ancient Arts of Crystal Healing

It is unnatural for me to speak of my own self as being your best teacher or healer, or your silent friend... although it comes naturally easy for me to prove it to you.

Looking forward to be serving you in guidance and healing, in Silence! 

I am your Bell in the morning, and the backup sound of your breathing in Shavasana.



on the massage table

Your Manual Osteopath

Your Yoga Teacher assistant

I have never met someone who gets so excited about being in Silence, more so about healing and helping others. The gentleness that this young spirit presents in any space is beyond words connected to a genuine joy for life despite all struggles or pains. 


Daniel is a leader by example, and even if you don`t know his story, his energy speaks loud in silence, and his hands are bringing the most needed help for your discomforted or just tired body. 

He is your Laughing Voice in Meditation.



on the relaxation table

Your Bellanina Facelift Massage Specialist and a Medical Aesthetician


Have you ever heard of Midas Touch? and have you ever felt that on your face? 

We believe our practitioners are not just graduates from schools and trainings, but they are real healers, spirits of presences that walk into your life, and right away you recognize in them genuine help, support and care. For us, you don`t just "know a  healer when you see one", but rather you FEEL a Healer when you are in their presence. Mei has all this and so much more at the tips of her fingers brushing your face. 

She is your Face Lifter with no weights.


This is not just a yoga retreat

...Nor a meditation course or health detox

...It is a complete experience for all aspects of yourself - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Our Retreats are experiences designed to, with the help of yoga and meditation as well as other exciting spiritual tools, allow you to explore movement, sensations, stillness, and above all – Yourself. Our Silence serves the purpose of allowing you to become fully receptive to all that is offered and for once, LISTEN to what your Soul has to tell you.


It doesn’t matter who you are, what experience you have, if you are defining yourself as tight or open, strong or weak, old or young – in our Silence Retreat you will feel at home. 


"There is a voice that doesn`t need words,...listen..." Rumi

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