" I find myself longing for the simple sound of the Bell waking us up in the morning, that had such a profound effect on my soul. 

I can hardly describe the effect that these 4 days have had on my thoughts and actions moving forward, and for this I am eternally grateful." Jaqueline

"my son asked, after after listening to me recount how amazing the experience was, <<How did you get to know all these people without speaking?>>... I sat for a minute to contemplate his question, and realized that words weren`t necessary. you get to know their essence without the frills that we are so accustomate to know people by..." Daniela

What have you learned from this Retreat:

"the ease of being with others without needing/wanting to talk. How great Silence can be." Maria


"that I can survive WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY!" April

"techniques for Grounding, techniques for Breathing, feeling my Heart." Kristie

Use 3 words to describe the Retreat:

" Pensive. Satiating for mind, body and soul"

"New, Different, Eye Opening"

"Healing, Restorative, Peaceful"